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WIN A BOOK: A true story of intrigue, mystery, blackmail and skulduggery, which tells how one man was able to bring down an English Football League club. In 1919, Leeds City player Charlie Copeland returned from active service and made a request for a pay rise, which the club steadfastly refused. During the war, guest players for League clubs were supposed to have gone unpaid for their services, though in general this FA law was overlooked as a nod to the war effort. Copeland, however, issued the club with an ultimatum: either meet his wage demand or answer to the FA for making illegal payments. When Copeland carried out his threat and City proved reluctant to produce their books for FA inspection, a complex web of deceit and hypocrisy ensued. Subsequently, Leeds City were disbanded and expelled from the Football League, the only club before or since to receive such harsh punishment. However, out of the ashes of this fallen institution emerged another, brand new club - Leeds United.

Gary Edwards is the author of Paint it White, The Second Coat, No Glossing Over It, Fanatical and 50 Shades of White. He has been a columnist for the official Leeds United matchday programme since 2007. Gary's dedication was recognised in 2018 when the club unveiled a plaque in his honour for attending every Leeds United game - home and away, anywhere in the world - for 50 consecutive years.  

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Subtitle:The Story of How Leeds City Became Leeds United
By:Gary Edwards
Out:19th August 2019
Size:222 x 144