Wednesday Fan Welcomed To Leeds

Last updated : 22 March 2005 By Kevin Markey
Lifelong Sheffield Wednesday fan Hemmingham, also leader of the official England supporters band, has accepted Ken Bates' offer of a job at Elland Road.

Bates wants Hemmingham, who supported his bid to take control at Hillsborough, to set up a new members' club for Leeds fans.

"I look forward to working with John," said Leeds United Supporters Association chairman Ray Fell. "He will be co-ordinating a new scheme and I will help in an advisory capacity, but until we've had further meetings that's all I can say.

"There already is a membership scheme at Elland Road for away tickets that's run by the club, I know Ken Bates introduced one at Chelsea and he wants a new scheme here, so I'm looking forward to having an input for something that hopefully will benefit the fans."