Venables slams Dacourt criticism

Last updated : 08 December 2002 By The Gas Man

Venables has slammed the French international for being more concerned about himself than the team's problems.

"Dacourt claims he loves England. Well, let me tell you this - he's been engineering to find a way out for the last 12 months," Venables told the News of the World newspaper.

"I think he should take a long hard look at himself, if he wants to go to Italy - and someone is interested - I will personally drive him there."

Venables was particularly disappointed at the timing of Dacourt's latest criticism of the club: "I was disappointed to read comments from Olivier Dacourt complaining at the way I have treated him at Leeds," Venables added.

"I think his timing speaks volumes about the kind of person he is. Everyone knows we are going through a tough time at the moment but Olivier clearly isn't too bothered about that.

"He's a man who plays - and speaks - for himself. He really isn't too concerned about how it affects his own team-mates."

Dacourt, who claims he has been linked to clubs in Italy, still has four years left on his contract at Leeds.

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