Venables looking for duo to sign

Last updated : 22 November 2002 By The Gas Man
United have confirmed that they will be discussing new contracts with both players in the next few weeks, and Venables is keen to get them signed up as soon as possible.

"Obviously things haven’t gone very well lately, but it’s a good sign they still want to be involved. As far as I’m concerned they are the sort of quality players we need to take Leeds back to the top again," said the Leeds boss.

“I’ve not spoken to either of them. I don’t get involved with that side of things. The chairman deals with contracts and he knows what my feelings are and recommendations are, to sign them for as long as possible and keep them as part of the future of this club.

“Putting the pen where their mouth is basically. It’s not just words - they are saying they want to stay here," he added.

"They’ve been here a long while and I think that speaks volumes for this football club. But they’re not boys who are thinking ‘now we’re doing well we want to be off somewhere else’.

“Obviously, those contracts have yet to be negotiated, but the mere fact they want to sit round the table and be involved is a big plus for the club. It’s a plus for the fans as well knowing both the club and those players see Leeds as their future and Leeds see the players as their future.”

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