Time To March On And Stick Together - Wise

Last updated : 10 August 2007 By Kevin Markey
Wise said: "These players and these fans are going to stick together, and are going to be strong. There's a massive point to prove, for everyone. A lot of people want to see us fall flat on our faces, and they haven't helped the situation. But we've got to fight against it.

"The supporters don't like Batesy, and they don't particularly like me. But they've got us. We're part of this football club.

"It's difficult because of your background and where you come from. They find it very difficult to accept. This is part and parcel of what football's about. It takes them a bit of time to get used to you, and I've got to give them that time. So has Ken Bates.

"But how many people would take on this? We will take it on, and we love it, we love the challenge and we need the supporters behind us. It's that simple.
"In time, Bates has turned other things round and so have I. Hopefully, we can do it for the fans, ourselves and this football club. It's time to march on and stick together."