Thousands Sign Petition

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This week the authority disqualified Massimo Cellino from owning a club as he failed its Owners' and Directors' Test. The Italian could be forced to sell the club he bought earlier this year, but the club say they are taking legal advice and Cellino says he will appeal the ruling.

The petitions claim that Cellino has brought stability to the club, and forcing his removal would cause more harm than good.

Since purchasing the club six months ago, Massimo Cellino has turned around Leeds United’s precarious financial position. Under his control, the club’s debt and operating expense have reduced. For the first time since the turn of the century, Leeds United's finances seem to be under control. Massimo Cellino has invested a lot of money in Leeds United - initially through his purchase and then through subsequent investment. In all probability, if you force him out now, Leeds United would, again, be facing administration. Forcing Cellino out of Leeds United is not in the best interests of one of your member football clubs and would in fact, be very damaging indeed.


The Football League called on the Italian to resign immediately saying he could not own the club until after 18 March 2015, when a conviction is spent under UK law.

The club's supporters' trust has called for stability at Elland Road and clarity from the Football League after a tumultuous period under Cellino.

The Football League has not yet responded to requests for comment on the petitions.