Stop Me If You've Heard This One Before!

Last updated : 22 October 2003 By Kevin Markey

Smith, who is 23 next Tuesday, has always been seen as one of Leeds' 'crown jewels'.

If my memory serves me right, wasn't the same said about Jonathan Woodgate, Robbie Keane, Rio Ferdinand and even Paul Robinson, who was nearly shipped of to Aston Villa earlier this season?

Woodgate never wanted to go, and Smith remains our only saleable asset, along with Robinson.

The financial situation at Leeds has improved since McKenzie took over as chairman.

However, the debt at the club is still huge and this will be confirmed next week when United announce their end of year accounts to the Stock Exchange.

McKenzie issued a statement in which he remarked about Smith: "I don't see the sale of Alan as possible. The only exception . . . is if he desperately wanted to leave us, and I think that's a nonsense. I can't see him, in any sense, not absolutely aligned to Leeds."

Ummmm.....Watch this space.