Smith Makes Leeds Vow

Last updated : 31 July 2003 By Kevin Markey
Speaking in this month's FourFourTwo magazine, the striker also said he would be prepared to sacrifice his England ambitions to put Leeds first.

The England international has seen a host of big names leave the cash-strapped Yorkshire club, but the lifelong Leeds fan has pledged that he will not follow them.

"I've never once gone into the club and said that I wanted to leave Leeds," Smith told FourFourTwo.

"I discussed relegation with my mum, dad and girlfriend last season and said that no matter what happened, I wanted to stay.

"I think it's easy to for people to walk away when you've been relegated, but it takes a better type of person to stay and say we're all going to stick together and make sure the club gets back where it belongs.

Alan Smith
Smithy loves Leeds

"That would be my attitude. I'm from Leeds and I don't want to leave. I grew up here and this is where I want to play football."

Now why can't every player be like that!

Did you know? Just three weeks after his 18th birthday, Alan Smith scored with his first touch in senior football, in front of the Anfield Kop to level the scores in a game Leeds United went on to win 3 -1 on Saturday 14 November 1998.