Skipper: I Understand Fans' Feelings

Last updated : 25 October 2003 By Kevin Markey
Leeds fans still feel upset by the 'little-money-move' to Liverpool and have accused him of being greedy and betraying the club.

Matteo sympathises with their frustrations but he does not feel the winger was disloyal.

"I don't feel it's a case of that," said the Leeds skipper in The Mirror. "People want to move on and try new things.

"I can understand the fans' feelings. They have seen big star after big star leave. He was at Leeds for such a long time. But that's how it goes sometimes.

"I think he was a Liverpool fan as a boy as well so this was a chance he wanted to take and you can't fault him for that.

"To be honest, I think there are a lot of players in the Premier League who would like to go to Liverpool."