Shares Dip - Points Deduction

Last updated : 27 November 2003 By Kevin Markey

United's admission yesterday that administration was possible to the Stock Exchange wiped off a massive third of their share price.

The Daily Record says the total value of the company dipped during trading yesterday to leave Leeds worth a sum total of £7.8m.

Meanwhile, Leeds must resolve their financial uncertainty by May or risk starting next season with a 10-point deficit in the event of relegation.

Leeds would only escape the punishment if they go into administration before May.

It would depend on when they went into administration," a Football League spokesman told the BBC Sport website.

"If it was before May, it's unlikely that Leeds would have to start with a deduction.

"But if it happened after May, and they were relegated, Leeds would then be under the Football League's jurisdiction and would start on minus 10 points."