San Francisco link-up

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Kinnear on San Francisco

The Whites’ managing director Angus Kinnear went on Talksport this morning to talk about the news of the San Francisco link-up. On the money involved in the deal and what it means for the club, this is what he said:

“It’s a meaningful sum.

“It will definitely make us more competitive this summer, without a doubt. And I think it will bring the type of players that Leeds fans want and believe will make a difference in terms of mounting a sustained promotion challenge.”

Asked where new recruits are likely to come from, Kinnear said:

“Our scouting network, like most good teams, is now global. You have to look at the global market place.

“But I think last year we were clear in the areas where we came up short, I think there’s definitely a need for players who have been proven in the league or proven in the UK and so we’re looking near and we’re looking far to secure the best talent.”

And he said of potential signings:

“We’re working on them. As soon as the season sort of tailed off the plans for next season were already in place and we’re well advanced in a lot of areas so hopefully there’ll be some good and exciting news soon.”