Redknapp: No malice in Struijk challenge

Last updated : 13 September 2021 By Kevin Markey

Sky Sports' Jamie Redknapp said"I feel for him [Elliott]. The recovery starts now. What I would say is there are players who have come back from horrendous injuries. I think about Andre Gomes at Everton. People questioned whether he would play again.

"Fingers crossed it's a straight-forward break, because there are some that can be a lot more complicated and keep you out a lot longer.

"I feel so sorry for this young man. It's the start of an incredible journey for him. He just got into the first-team and he looks so at home in the Premier League.

"No doubt he will do again. He's just got to be patient and listen to the right people. He'll feel heartbroken but I wish him a speedy recovery. Fingers crossed he comes back stronger."

"Every time you go in for a challenge, you are going to endanger someone.

"Having seen it, I feel personally that it's an innocuous challenge. Does he mean to hurt him? No, of course he doesn't. It's just one of those that happens every now and again in football.

"I actually feel sorry for the player involved because it's a very difficult thing for a player. Players find it really hard to get over those sort of things, so it's an awful situation all-round."