Radrizzani: Injuries are part of the game

Last updated : 13 September 2021 By Kevin Markey

Andrea Radrizzani told Sky Sports: "The accident was hard for him [Harvey Elliott] and I wish the boy a full recovery. I hope he can come back soon but this is part of football.

"If you watch the video you see that Struijk slides with the left foot on him and it's accidental, it was not a pre-meditated tackle.

"I also think the evaluation of the tackle was wrong from the referee.

"It was really difficult to take a red card like that and for me couldn't even be yellow, but personally I feel sorry for the boy and the injury could be difficult for him."

When asked if he could understand the safety of an opponent had been endangered, Radrizzani said: "Yes I understand but we can't control the kind of injury you get on the pitch because it's part of the game.

"If you watch the video many times you understand it's an accidental injury because Struijk gets the ball and then the left leg is laid on him so it's very accidental. But obviously, I'm sorry for him [Elliott] that it happened."