Prutton: I'm At A Club Where I Want To Be

Last updated : 16 August 2007 By Kevin Markey
"At every club you find yourself in situations where things are up and down," said Prutton, who made his full debut for the Whites at Macclesfield on Tuesday night.

"It's never plain sailing, but there was never a point where I thought I might be doing the wrong thing by coming to Leeds. I had to be patient but I didn't once think that I might disappear and do something else, or go looking for a contract with another club.

"I could see the nature of the beast at this club, and the ups and the downs were part of that. There were a few times when the situation was a bit touch-and-go, but at the back of everyone's minds we all thought it would be alright.

"It was certainly a bizarre situation, and not one I've been involved in before. It made for interesting work. But by the end of my time at Southampton, the situation was getting ridiculous.

"I'd be travelling to games but never playing, and the manager would have happily let that carry on until the end of the season if I hadn't done something.

"I didn't want to do that, it was boring, to be honest, and I wanted to be out playing football. That was my aim this summer. You've got to engineer these moves and, sometimes, kick yourself up the backside. I'm very happy.

"I knew the manager, and what he's about. That was something that really attracted me to this, and he was actively trying to get me involved. That impressed me.

"There was a good group of players here as well. Some of them have moved on, but that's how it has to be for a club in this position.

"There's obviously a very good set-up here, a fantastic training ground and great fans, and that's what players look for. Everything felt right.

"I'm still relatively young and there are things I want to prove to myself by playing for a club like this. I hope it will be a long and enjoyable part of my career in football.

"Coming from Yorkshire, this is a great move in so many ways. I'm at a club where I want to be, and I'm close to a lot of my friends and family. This is me getting back in touch with my roots."