Personalised Leeds United Car Mats

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Manufactured under license, Official Car Mats have exclusive rights to distribute these durable, personalised mats to customers all over the UK.  You won’t find them anywhere else!

Every set of mats comes with the following features:

Durable construction - Every set of car mats is made with high-quality carpet. It may cost a little more, but it will last much longer than your standard mat.

Each mat inspected for stitching uniformity and quality, and personalised mats are created in Leeds colours. Support the Whites, wherever you go!

Eco-friendly rubber backing - Sensitive to environmental issues, and to that end, recycled tyres are used to create the granular backing on all car mats. This backing will hold your mats in position.

Whatever your taste and style, create a car mat that suits your make and model of car, providing it is a right hand drive. You can select the binding of your choice and embroider the club crest onto the driver and passenger heelpad carpet. 

What is more,fittings are provided so that your car mat stays in place when you are driving.

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