Pearce: Smith Should Leave Leeds

Last updated : 02 November 2003 By Kevin Markey
He also says: 'It pains me to say so, but this is a club heading for relegation and worse.'

I have the up most respect for Pearce as a journalist and commentator, but I am in total disagreement on his views here.

This may be our worst season for many a year but to say that Smithy should jump ship like all the others is tantamount to treason. We certainly would be heading for the drop selling our most commited player.

He continues: ' The sale of Smith seems inevitable. Cash is tight everywhere, but a £10m offer would be impossible to refuse. It might break his heart, but Smith may realise the inevitable sense of it too.'

Just because Pearce's beloved Bristol Rovers have nosedived down the divisions does not mean a club like Leeds will follow suit.

Sharpen your ideas as well as your pencil Jonathan!