Paulo Bites Back At Slur

Last updated : 26 July 2003 By Kevin Markey
Talks with di Canio's agent, Matteo Roggi did not get very far prompting newspapers to speculate it was because of a high wage demand.

Di Canio said: "It's unfortunate, but yet again I feel as if I have to respond to speculation and rumours about me which certain journalists have got completely wrong.

"The articles to which I refer appeared in the press on Thursday stating that I turned down the chance to sign for Leeds United by demanding extortionate wages.

"This story is entirely untrue.

"It is true however, that a number of English clubs and other teams from around Europe have approached my agent but talks are currently ongoing.

"I can categorically say that absolutely no demands, financial or otherwise, have been made on behalf.

"Playing football is my main concern and I want to do is make sure I choose the right team for me. That is my priority.

"With regards to Leeds United, I can confirm that they did make an approach to my agent.

"However, I have been told that no financial terms were discussed by the two parties.

"Therefore, I don't know where this story came from. It really is ridiculous to state that I'm making unrealistic financial demands. It makes me very angry because it does not show the real Paolo di Canio."

Everybody now…Aaaaaaahhhhh!