Newcastle Should Be Looking At Leeds' Best Players - Journalist

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Newcastle need to be smart in the way they recruit new players after their  Saudi Arabian-backed £305m takeover, says football journalist Rory Smith.

"In terms of loans, I wouldn’t have thought Newcastle will be getting big name players on loan in January," he said on the Football Daily podcast.

"If they want a big name then there is a limit to how big a name will go to a team in the bottom half of the Premier League. Could they take the best players from Brentford or Brighton? I’m not sure they could in the middle of a season.

"They will have to be smart. What happened at Manchester City is the best way to go about this. When Abu Dhabi came in, the first thing they did was decimate Villa and Everton. They looked at what it takes to be a team on the cusp of qualifying for the Champions League and they went and bought their best players.

"They got Jack Rodwell, Joleon Lescott, James Milner, Gareth Barry. They just picked them apart and then when that was established they thought right, how do we go about making this a bit better and then they went and took players off Arsenal. They got Emmanuel Adebayor, they got Samir Nasri and then they got the real superstar in Yaya Toure and Sergio Aguero.

"They didn’t do it overnight. They signed Robinho and tried to sign Kaka in 2009, but other than that they went about it quite painstakingly and said we have to work our way through the levels and Newcastle have to do the same thing. They should be looking at Leeds’ best players and Southampton. They should look at players like James Ward-Prowse."


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