McKenzie The Loan Arranger

Last updated : 07 August 2003 By Kevin Markey

Left wing-back Domi joined The Whites yesterday on a year's loan deal and compatriot Zoumana, a centre-half, arrived from Lens last month to bolster Peter Reid's squad.

The Chairman believes both deals have taken the risk out of the transfer market for United.

"I suppose fans probably feel when we take people on loan it is not such a good deal because we haven't spent any money," McKenzie told

"In fact it is quite a clever device. What we have done with Domi and Camara is to sign a one year loan deal with the two clubs and in each case we have inserted an option which gives us an exclusive right to buy the player within the period at 3m Euros.

"That effectively sets up a long term contract if we want it, but it also gives us a significant period to measure whether the player fits into the team and it also keeps the money in the bank for twelve months longer.

"However good a player is you don't know how they will work out in the context of your team.

"The advantage of Didier Domi in particular is that he has already got experience of playing in the Premier League with Newcastle.

"Jody Morris was again a significant coup because I believe he would be worth a great deal more if someone was trying to buy him now, now that he is on a long term contract. I think his value will be significant if he does as well as we think he will.

"Putting the three together I think it's probably a set of fairly good business moves which could give us three very strong players.

"Clubs are looking more carefully at the way in which they use their capital and applying business techniques that in other industries you would apply all the time. In that sense I think the business is moving forward in the football context.

"Peter is looking at a further player and I am hopeful we will have the funds available for him," added McKenzie.

"If someone really special comes up that he wants we will do our best to find the money and this (loan deals) has helped that situation in this regard."