Macca: Strachan Would Suit Leeds

Last updated : 21 November 2003 By Kevin Markey
Reports suggest The Whites would require to pay Southampton at least £500k.

"Gordon is a man who inspires and he would fit the bill perfectly at Leeds," said the ex-Leeds captain.

"In the present climate it is a very tough job to go and take on and I would be surprised to see him leave Southampton.

"But what he has achieved at Southampton with the group of players he has got makes him an obvious target.

"When any job becomes vacant I imagine Gordon's name will crop up.

"He is a guy who sets standards. He had a big influence on me as a 25-year-old player and he still has a big influence on me now as a manager.

"He is the sort of person who would suit Leeds and I know how Gordon feels about the club.

"Gordon's style of play meant he was adored by the fans and he has not changed. He wants to play football and he has pride, professionalism and hunger and Leeds fans demand that.

"Leeds is still a fantastic job and a great club and, with respect to Southampton, they are at that next level, a super-club in reputation.

"There are still 45-50 thousand fans there and they have never been in question but the club's financial state means it is hard to keep producing a quality product.

"But, given the chance, Gordon would probably want to go."