Leeds' Worst Ever Eleven?

Last updated : 16 February 2005 By Kevin Markey
' I delved into the records and found ALAN HUMPHREYS, one of the Don's first signings, he had a largely undistinguished record in the first team but became a regular in the stiffs instead after his move from Shrewsbury in 1959.

To be truthful there's not much more to be said about him so lets move on. At right back I agree with those who nominated BRIAN CASWELL, his positional play was dubious his tackling inept but far worse than that he was never committed to the white shirt. He spent large swathes of his time either injured or back home in Walsall. It was thought he was suffering from home sickness so there weren't too many tears when he disappeared back down the M1.

At left back DAVID ROBERSTON just gets the vote over RONNIE ROBINSON. Like Caswell before him he knew his way to the treatment room. When on the field he was one of those Scottish footballers who never got the pace of the game in England and often found himself trailing in the wake of some plodder who had gone past him.

The middle of the back four was easy to nominate with ROQUE JUNIOR paired with MICHAEL DUBERRY. This was one partnership you just about all agreed on. I remember an interview with Peter Reid where it was suggested that the World Cup winner didn't look up to the job. Reidy laughed at that suggestion and cited the Brazilian's international record but the fact is you can't kid the fans and you know the truth.

DUBERRY had all the attributes to become a first class defender and his record at Chelsea was above passable but he rarely repeated that kind of form with United.

In midfield PAUL OKON was never more than a mistake as he never looked remotely like a United player. At times MARK AIZLEWOOD did but once he lost the confidence of the supporters it was all over bar the shouting. Alongside these two I would add JODY MORRIS who arrived at Elland Road with an interesting reputation and left having added to it.

Up front TOMAS BROLIN is a stand out. He never looked like a Swedish World Cup star and after a bad start he went from bad to worse. His partner would be FRANK STRANDLI and if anybody can make anything of him please let me know. To support this lethal strike force how about CYRIL CHAPUIS , a Frenchman who just couldn't make it all come together.

On the bench there's a queue of candidates but according to you, and you've seen more of him than me, it is MICHAEL RICKETS.

The driving force behind any team is the manager and JIMMY ADAMSON is head and shoulders the winner. He was once asked if he would take part in April Fool's Day jape by pretending he had signed (the then 65-year-old) Stanley Matthews but declined claiming that "they (the fans) would believe it".'