Leeds United: Pay Off, Sell Off Or Play Offs?

Taken from; http://www.sabotagetimes.com


I don’t suppose you’ve a spare twelve million you could buy Leeds United with? And another twenty to fund promotion to the richest football league in the world over the next two years?

You don’t? No well, join the club, I don’t think the current owners do either.

If there was a book open on who the next owners of LUFC will be – and right now it could be anyone – I’d be backing Ken Bates. Unlike some doubters I do believe Ken Bates has actually sold Leeds United  to GFH Capital but I also think its highly likely he will have a clause allowing him to resume ownership if they don’t make an agreed payment schedule.

Bates certainly thinks he’s in with a chance, he  doesn’t appear to think the new owners know how to run a football business and is probably  already looking forward to the day he can buy LUFC back for a pound. Something he’s believed to have already said to them.

GFH’s public statement this week inviting more investors certainly sounds as if they are scrabbling around trying to raise cash quickly for something. If it isn’t to make a payment to Bates what the hell is the sale of Becchio at a time when his goals could have fired us into the play offs about?

If this is the case, any new take over by the reported  ’Yorkshire Consortium’ wouldn’t be injecting significant and much needed cash into the running of the club so much as just giving money owed by GFH to the former owner Bates.