Leeds Fans Are Loudest Tweeters

Supporters of Leeds came out on top in the study, averaging 7.7 tweets per fan over the last six months.

Fellow Championship side Middlesbrough were 2nd in the study at 6.6 tweets per fan, while Everton were the leading Barclays Premier League club with 6.3 tweets, ahead of Arsenal on 4.7.

The study, conducted by social scores network CrowdScores, looked at fans' interaction with their club's official Twitter accounts

They compared how many followers each club's official Twitter account had against the number of mentions of that Twitter handle

It also analysed the sentiment of each tweet, marking each as positive or negative.

David Walker, CEO of CrowdScores, said: "When you combine Leeds United's rich heritage with the various goings-on during the last season, it may not seem too surprising that their fans are vocal on Twitter.

"But to see them top all 92 teams demonstrates just how passionate they are

"Football fans are increasingly taking to social, forums and in-app discussions to praise and vent about their teams before, during and after the big matches

"This is only set to increase and we look forward to the various debates in the upcoming season."

The most positive fans, according to the study, were those of Sheffield United, who posted nine times as many positive tweets compared to negative ones

QPR fans were found to be the most negative, with almost twice as many tweets about the London club deemed to be pessimistic rather than optimistic

There were some surprising results among the clubs with the biggest Twitter followings

Manchester United have more than 5m followers but mustered only 1.8 tweets per fan - sixth out of Premier League clubs

English champions Chelsea have 6m followers but managed only 0.95 tweets per fan, to leave them a disappointing 12th.

League Two Northampton punched well above their weight, taking eighth place overall

Peterborough had the lowest engagement figures out of all 92 clubs in the study

Newly-promoted Preston were fourth overall in the study with 6.1 tweets per fan, with Arsenal in fifth.

Source : PA

Source: PA