Kewell: Leeds Fans Know Truth

Last updated : 25 October 2003 By Kevin Markey

Leeds chairman Professor John McKenzie accused Kewell and his agent of greed and malpractice.

But Kewell claimed yesterday that McKenzie and his fellow directors were using the allegations to hide the decline of a club that had reached the heights of a Champions League semi-final only two seasons before.

The Aussie is sure that most Leeds fans have accepted that he was not to blame for the controversial transfer that marred his move from Elland Road.

"Yes I probably became notorious for a while because of all the fall-out from the transfer but it never bothered me," Kewell said in The Mirror.

"To be honest I just ignored it, and I reckon that the Leeds fans know what really went on.

"I think everyone realised that the picture Leeds were trying to paint of me was rubbish.

"Leeds fans know exactly why I left. Every single person who comes up to me knows the real reason.

"If I am walking around the shops, at the garage or wherever, they all ask how Liverpool are treating me and how I am getting on," Kewell said. "They all say that they know why I left. I have no problems in Leeds at all."

Kewell still lives in the Wetherby area of Leeds and has a fair bit of sympathy for his former team-mates.

"The position Leeds are now in does make me feel a bit sad because I have some great friends there. But they are grown men and everyone has got to fight," he said.

"I had a great time at Leeds but my job now is to play for Liverpool and help this club win honours. I want to win everything," he said.

"Any footballer will tell you the same - the money's great but you want to look back and see all the trophies you have won.

"I have none at the moment and that is why I am determined to start filling the trophy cabinet up. Sure, we haven't had the best start but we are playing decent football and really do believe it is a matter of time.

"If I was a fan and saw the team creating chances but missing them, seeing them hit the bar or whatever, I would still find it exciting. I would be disappointed if they were not creating them in the first place, but we are."