Kewell: I Feel For Players And Supporters

Last updated : 28 January 2004 By Kevin Markey
Kewell told an Australian newspaper: "If they can get themselves a financial lifeline I feel confident the boys will pull together and stay up.

"It makes me sad to see the state the club is in. You could never have imagined it coming to this. People all have their theories on what’s gone wrong and why but it’s not for me to blame anybody.

"I just feel for the players and supporters because I had a lot of great years there with plenty of happy memories. My best mate Michael Bridges is still there and I’m also close to Ian Harte and Alan Smith and, of course, want to see them do well.

"It’s about building confidence and getting a bit of luck, both of which have been in short supply at the club. They might be bottom of the table but look at the team, they can all play.

"They just need to go out and show everybody that. They have to learn how to believe in themselves again.

"If anybody can keep Leeds in the Premiership it’s Eddie Gray. If I can become half of what he was as a player then I’ll have done well in my career. I also rate him as a coach. He worked closely with me in my years at the club and was a great influence.

"I believe he can motivate the players and get them going again. He has the respect of everybody around the place."