Harry Cool On Socceroos

Last updated : 29 July 2003 By Kevin Markey
FIFA have asked to see the paperwork following Kewell's acrimonious £5m transfer from Leeds with controversy surrounding Mandic's part in the deal.

Still looks better  in White!

Kewell, who is currently recovering from an ankle injury, reckons the complaints are the result of jealousy and pettiness in his native Australia. "If Soccer Australia is going to let agents that they control get away with using me to big-note themselves, then they can forget it, there is no point playing for them," he raged.

"I'm not there for people to play their silly little games.
"If Soccer Australia can't protect their own players from this sort of garbage, then why should I bother?

"It's always the same old stuff in Australian soccer. A bunch of nobodies trying to be somebodies at someone else's expense. Well, it ain't going to be at mine.
"What business is it of the licensed agents of Australia to stick their nose into something they know nothing about?"

Agents? Who needs 'em Harry?