'Evans Sent' or 'Evans Above'

Last updated : 20 October 2015 By DSG

Cue the theme music that reminds us all of the film Jaws, for just when we thought it safe to go back into the water, here comes another bit of news with the sacking of Uwe Rosler from the Leeds United staff.

In the role for not enough time to change a light bulb at Elland Road, he seems just another sad statistic in the relentless machinations of LUFC owner, Massimo Cellino.

Indeed, the way Cellino went through Coaches at Cagliari seems to be happening again in Yorkshire. Neil Redfearn messed about so much one would not know how he took it.

Milan Milanic offered only the time to sneeze before he too was gone.

Dave Hockaday before him lined up as the animal in the headlights, or as one reporter called him, “the watermelon” who was not given the chance to ripen.

And then before him, Brian McDermott, a manager who was so badly treated by the new owner that whoever went in after him was sure to be treated harshly.

At the time of the takeover by Cellino, there was a mood in the fanbase, especially on social media sites like Facebook, of a brave new era, a chance to move forward and more importantly, upward.

The fans were promised at that time by their new owner that that year would see growth, followed by a move into the Premier League the following year.

That year is this year Mr Cellino! 18th place? Some promise!

The fans you made that promise to are waiting; not for some Svengali to come waltzing in and do something Revie like, remarkable in every way, but for you to let the coach actually do something worthwhile to see the team be promoted.

But what seems to be the case is that unless things change, all Leeds fans will have to look forward to next season is life in League One (again!)

It is enough to drive any fan nuts.

As a follower and fan since a boy, like so many others, that leaves the taste of something unsavoury in my mouth.

It leaves similar tastes in the mouths of others across the country, but especially in and around Leeds, where expectations are always high, no matter who is in charge.

But what is happening now at Elland Road is a shame, a disgrace to everything that football is all about.

What is happening is that managers and coaches across the world are seeing this and thinking the same thing, that they will never work at Leeds United.

So, Steve Evans is to be the latest coach.

Is it going to be a case of him being “heaven sent” or is it more likely to be "heaven’s above?”

He is reported as saying he will either be successful, or just another “statistic.” The chances are, we all know which one it is likely to be.

The question is, how long will the fans put up with this?

Patience is a virtue and Leeds fans have it in abundance, but that only lasts a certain amount of time before problems start to occur.

Instead of new coaches every few weeks or months, what is needed is stability, both on and off the pitch.

Sacking and hiring new people does not help.

Source : DSG

Source: DSG