Duberry: We're A Sleeping Giant

Last updated : 06 November 2003 By Kevin Markey
Duberry has not played a first-team game this season after suffering a broken cheekbone in a pre-season friendly against Aston Villa in Dublin.

Speaking in the Yorkshire Evening Post Duberry said: "We've got to stick together. The position is poor and we shouldn't be there.

"What we've got to say to the critics is 'you know what, we'll stick together and the rest of the world can go stuff it where the sun don't shine' and pull ourselves through. That's how we'll get out of it.

"We've got to earn the x-amount we get each week and we've got to do better, It isn't going to be easy, but what is easy?

"People look at us and read that so and so earns this and so and so earns that. I don't like referring to money, but in this day and age that's what people look at.

"We're not going to get any sympathy. We're a big club and we're well paid players.

"We've got to have fighting spirit. The game is all about opinions, but when some of the ex-players were playing at the club it was about having a fighting spirit and that's what they're looking for from our generartion.

"Obviously it's frustrating for a lot of them because they have got Leeds in their blood. It's up to the new generation to carry that on."