Derry Denies 'Mole' Accusations

Last updated : 24 January 2008 By Kevin Markey
The Championship game between Leeds and Crystal Palace on February 10 last year was overshadowed by the revelation that one of Wise's players had passed his line-up to a member of the London club's squad ahead of kick-off at Elland Road.

An angry Wise warned that the player responsible "will not be playing for this club again" and Derry, who had clear links to Palace and had been missing from United's team for a month before the controversy, left Leeds without making another appearance.

Derry said: "I don't want to be looked upon as the guy who gave the team away. It wasn't me.

"Danny Butterfield was a Palace player, and with him having been best man at my wedding, people put two-and-two together. The accusations hurt but I can look every fan and every one of my team-mates in the eye and say I wasn't responsible. I'd never do that.

"Dennis understands that it wasn't me, and he wouldn't have asked me to come back and play for Leeds on New Year's Day if I'd been responsible. It's obviously in the past now, but I wouldn't want my time at Leeds to be clouded by people thinking I'd betrayed the club."