Cellino Asked To Leave By Football League

Last updated : 01 December 2014 By Spoughts.co.uk

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However, there are systems in place that would allow Cellino to keep running the the club going forward.

While the prevailing theory among fans has involved Cellino handing the club off to his son Edoardo, who is a director of the club, the Football League have previously made veiled references to the fact that they would not be fooled by that.

Either way, should Cellino be permanently disqualified, he would not be allowed to be a shadow director, for example one with a monetary influence over the club.

Instead, there is one method by which he could retain control.

Cellino will almost certainly appeal the decision by the Football League.

His conviction will also be spent by 18 March 2015, when he would be allowed to own the club again.

If the Football League’s decision goes through the appeal by Cellino, he will have 28 days to resign his position.

This means that he has to stretch the appeals process out until the last week of February, because if he can, whichever way the decision goes, he will be able to keep owning Leeds United.

There will be no way, at that point, for the Football League to force through his removal prior to the date at which point his conviction is spent.

Those Leeds fans who support his regime will be hoping that this will be the case.