While some fans may only remember Bowyer for his on-field scrap with teammate Kieron Dyer in a Newcastle game, he had a fine career with West Ham, as well as at Newcastle and Leeds.

Now he is trying his hand at management, despite saying in the past that he would never become a first team coach.

"I had no intention of becoming a manager. I had no intention of becoming a coach," Bowyer said in a press conference ahead of his first game.

"It's crazy the way I'm sitting here now. I literally came in last season two days a week to help out with the midfielders. Richie Barker then left in the summer and Karl (Robinson) asked me to be the assistant.

"I'm here until told otherwise. I don't know how long that will be, but hopefully it will be until the end of the season. Ask me at the end of the season if I want the job full time.

"I'm excited to be doing it, to show what I can do on this side. I know I can do it. It's whether I wanted to do it. I've worked with five or six international managers; if I haven't learned anything from them, then what have I been doing my whole career?

"I played with I don't know how many international players, and a hell of a lot of unbelievable players. I haven't just been passing on knowledge from myself, but players I played with, players I played against."