Birch: Time For Cool Heads

Last updated : 08 November 2003 By Kevin Markey

"I think it is important we all keep cool heads," Birch told the Yorkshire Post.

"Now is not the time for any knee-jerk reaction.

"The relationship between the manager and the chief executive is an important one. We have got to see how that develops but I have got faith in Peter that he can turn things around.

"It is early days for me. I know Peter and I am looking forward to working with him. We have all got to work together to get ourselves out of the hole we are in at the moment.

"As long as we remain calm and work hard at it then we have a chance. There is not an easy solution for us.

"We need people to get behind the club and get behind the manager.

"As chief executive I will have a say in the manager's future but it is a board decision.

"It is a time for cool heads and it is important we roll our sleeves up and get on with the task in hand, all the time trying to do it with a smile on our faces instead of beating ourselves up about the past.

"I think it is time to draw a line. There is no point talking about what has been. My message now is about looking forward, looking for solutions and remaining very positive because at the core of this is a great footy club in a great city.

"Survival both on the field and off it are the objectives for Leeds United. We have to make sure there is a body here for us to breath new life into.

"I would like to think this job represents the type of challenge and set of circumstances which plays to my skills in terms of financial restructuring and breathing new life into the club.

"I would like to think that is what I managed to do at Chelsea and I would like to think I could do it again at Leeds United.

"It is a huge challenge. It is not going to be a quick fix. It is all about taking small steps.

"I think our first goal really is to sit down and try to give ourselves breathing space financially within which we can then find the ultimate solution.

"That ultimate solution, however, needs to be found sooner rather than later because survival is the name of the game for us this year and the sooner we have that solution then we can start to make plans for the future."