Ball: Strachan Won't Throw It All Away

Last updated : 18 November 2003 By Kevin Markey
In his column for the Daily Echo, Ball writes: "I have spoken to Gordon recently and he knows he's close to getting a real good side at Southampton.

"His squad doesn't need major surgery, he just needs to tinker with it.

"He knows he needs to go knocking on his chairman's door come the transfer window.

"I believe he needs to make two signings, a winger who can go past people and get the crosses in and a creative midfielder.

"But that's only my opinion. Gordon's might be different, and the chairman's could be different as well.

"So Gordon is close to getting the side he wants. Why on earth would he throw it away to go to Leeds with all their internal problems?

"Why throw all that away to go to a club which needs major surgery, a complete overhaul really, and to work for a board who doesn't know whether it's coming or going?"