Taylor: Keeping Players Fully Informed

Last updated : 13 January 2004 By Kevin Markey
The Whites are believed to be close to finalising a short-term rescue package designed to stave off the imminent threat of the club falling into the hands of the administrators.

Deputy chief executive Mick McGuire, the PFA's financial lawyer, and another newly-appointed executive in Richard Jobson spoke at length with the Elland Road squad after David Batty approached them.

PFA chief executive Gordon Taylor confirmed: "We are just keeping the players fully informed and keeping them in the loop.

"They were apparently excellent in their response. They want to hold the club together and they want to stay together to keep Leeds in the Premiership because they know that would be the best way for somebody to come in and save them.

"A number of options were discussed with a view to keeping the club alive and to avoid administration, with one of those options being a deferral of wages.

"The players were very responsive, which was to be expected because that's what we have encountered at other clubs in the past.

"Sometimes people do not appreciate just what players want to do for their club in terms of staying solid and together and doing it for the fans."