Milner re-writes record books

Last updated : 27 December 2002 By The Gas Man
Milner became the youngest player to score in the Premiership at 16 years, 357 days, beating the milestone set by Everton striker Wayne Rooney just two months ago by just four days.

And, Leeds boss Terry Venables believes the winger has what it takes to keep his head and go on to greater things: "I am very, very pleased with him.

"He has played for 15-20 minutes in other games and even though we have been losing some of those matches when he has come on, we feel it has been good for him.

"He is growing in this group, so it's not just a case of him simply coming through and helping out because every day he is getting better and better.

"I know his introduction has come about because we have had a lot of injuries, but he has not just lent himself to it. He has taken advantage of every day's training to show what he can do.

"He has two good feet, he is courageous and everyone likes him a lot. He also is not only a nice, solid, good, well-mannered boy, he is a very talented player.

"If he was 24 and had played a few times and had then come on and scored a goal then everyone would be saying he's promising.

"But we are talking about his age. It's early days for the boy. We have seen lots of young lads do well, but the attitude is the most important thing, that they keep their heads straight and don't get fancy ideas about what they are.

"At the moment he has not achieved anything and he is the first to admit this. But I think a lot of people are confident about his development. We have just got to take it easy.

"He is aware of what he has done."