Chairmen Speak Out On Decision

Last updated : 12 August 2007 By Kevin Markey
"At the end of the day, the people in charge of the club broke the rules," Bratt said.

"Every other Football League club that has gone into administration has abided by the laws that all the clubs agreed to.

"Leeds didn't adhere to these laws, so they cannot blame anyone else for the position they find themselves in. When you break the rules, do you not expect to be punished?

"There were alternative punishments that were much more severe, but the board decided on a 15-point deduction, which it was felt was more than reasonable and the best possible course of action.

"If we were in the same situation I would accept the punishment as the least of the possible evils.

"They could have been hit with a financial penalty, which would have put them in serious trouble, or they could have been thrown out of the league altogether, but nobody wanted that to happen."

"The people I feel sorry for are the supporters. However, I do feel that things are being blown out of all proportion.

"They are now able to spend money and bring players in, so they have a chance of getting out of their situation.

"I'd like to wish the Leeds United fans good luck for the season, but I'd also like to tell them not to blame other clubs, as it wasn't the other clubs who broke the rules.

"The situation was caused by the Leeds United hierarchy, and they are the only ones to blame."

Crewe chairman John Bowler said he felt the decision had been made in the correct manner.

"You can understand Dennis Wise's frustration as he feels as though he's been harshly treated, but I don't believe that people would vote in the interests of their own club," said Bowler.

"I would hope that they would vote purely on whether they were supportive of the board's decision."