Once A Leeds Fan, Always A Leeds Fan

Last updated : 24 October 2018 By Kevin Markey

Once a Leeds fan, always a Leeds fan is about still following Leeds United despite the ups and downs the club has been through. Staying loyal to their team through thick and thin and never wavering in their support. Heidi shares her experiences of matches that she has been to, including games abroad, right from when she first started going to matches to the present day. There are entries taken from her seventies diary and memories from other decades. Heidi has also included other Leeds fans experiences of following their team, as there are so many different stories to tell. She feels it is important these stories are shared with others, as these memories cannot be taken away. Leeds United have a worldwide fan base that is second to none. The camaraderie between the fans is fantastic and is what makes being a Leeds fan special. A must read for anyone who truly supports their team.