No More Heroes

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A story of friendship, flirtations, family, football fanaticism, faith and lots of other words beginning with ‘F’!

Steve Bottomley, a disaffected youth who doesn’t want to be categorised, is back! More gloriously gritty, glad-making stories in this the long-awaited
follow up to J R Endeacott’s very popular ‘One Northern Soul’.

‘Talking of not getting any, Dave frequently was – not getting
any and frequently talking about it.’

‘… something would go wrong, this was Leeds after all; the
city was like the football team: once great, majestic, unpredictable,
even unlucky, now in certain ways, on its knees.’

‘I’d never seen so much facial hair, so many denims and leathers, chains and tattoos in all my life. And God knows what the men looked like.’

‘It’s about never giving in, always supporting the team and … well, supporting each other.’