Myanmar Trip; Day 4 With Michael Hewitt

Last updated : 11 May 2018 By Michael Hewitt

On the road to Mandalay, there’s a song in this surely. We move today; a 10am coach to Yangon Airport.Everyones up and in for breakfast. Another feast. Lads had split into different restaurants last night some had a great steak. We had Chinese and Daniel allegedly had a full lamb? Top Hotel is this one but the review on our next one Mandalay Hill Resort is better. We check in without trauma. We are on the slow place which has plenty of leg room and we get fed. Flying at 80000 feet we should not see much today then. A bit bumpy on approach and we land fine. No sleep for me but a few of the lads had managed a late one and had been talking to the players in the bar. Nice to hear that players can mix with the fans. Our coach is waiting bunting as well. Players arrive on fast place and a long line on girls are waiting with garlands. They don’t mistake us as the players; cannot understand why! Over an hour to hotel in slow traffic. It’s like an old colonial palace and lives up to the reports. Check In is fraught as the hotel Are not prepared with keys to bookings it’s easy but you just cannot get the staff. I sort them out give them proper room list they are happy and upgrade my room now I’m happy. I go onto the pool with David Snodgrass and we check out the spa. Players already by the pool enjoy the very hot sun lads. There is a reason the hotel has hill in it. John Scone Hartley Nick Dunwell Snod Danny Connell are going up. I join others at the bar a few of the lads had been given sandwiches and a couple of beers by Victor Orta that keeps the troops happy .As the hours pass the Thai Leeds lads arrive (name droppers from the airport) good lads and they monopolise Gary Edwards bar space .Some catching a few hours sleep some on the happy hour cocktails included are Alex and Matthew McIntyre that’s strong lads ,famous last words .Lads are back from hill climbing only to find they got a taxi up but walked back cheats. As the hours go by we are not going to make the buffet so order tapas at least we eat. Dave knocks Cokes pint over as the session is in full swing. Pete Jenkinson gets his own back on Tony and takes him in ladies to sit down to pee. His status is now top helper. In the distance our management team have arrived and are mingling that’s good to see. I talk to the Leeds Thai leader about becoming an official supporters club ‘Julie Trimble’. We will continue that one. Pete Jones goes up to Paul Heckingbottom and I arrange a picture with Nigel Bray also. Three Royston lads together. I tweet it saying the Leeds Royston lads catch up with our manager. Eventually Paul sits with us and I must say to any detractors he and the staff were first class with us and interested in our views and slant on our club. Enjoyable meeting the guys but spoilt when I hear one of the lads had been abusive and upset some of them. I will deal with that one.
It’s 2am it’s a late one we start to retire I can see a hangover in the distance.
Phone went dead so not as many pictures as I would have liked.
It’s going fast but it always does when you are enjoying yourself.