Myanmar Trip; Day 2 With Michael Hewitt

Last updated : 11 May 2018 By Michael Hewitt

YES! We are still travelling.

After two long flights the connecting flight in Bangkok is missed. What seems to be the longest airport in the world we only just miss the it. We check in and are given a breakfast voucher. I rearrange the airport transfer then join the lads for a culinary delight. Chicken and cheese sarnies, croissants devoid of butter and strange pasties. Little did I know this would be the last food of the day. We do what we can with the breakfast and there is only one thing to do. Off to the bar we back-heel the time with a mixture of bottled and draught beers. I end up on tiger beer the local bottles variety. We meet 3 Leeds fans living in Bangkok one who says he recognises me from Shipley? He also asks about Gary Edwards and says he knows him ? I point him to where Gary is sitting. He goes up to  David Waterworth and says Gary I’ve known you a long time. Now the lads are straight in. Gary and poor Dave Is re christened Gary. Then the guy says where’s Hewitt and the name dropper causes a period of amusement for our weary group. We also found the voucher we were given bought a pint but most had left theirs in the breakfast bar. Niber went back but they had gone. We head to the flight and before take-off Alex and I are sock on. Its only 1 hour but they wake us up for an inflight meal. It says shrimp on the carton. Right, best have it. They were right 1 shrimp in rice. I eat the shrimp and Alex eats the rest. Ian Cokayne Coke spills his coffee on the plane bringing back memories of Big Mark Belshaw doing same all over Chris Kamara on a flight to Shelbourne in 1990.
No trauma at getting into Myanmar our coach complete with net curtains awaits. After a short journey we meet the worst check in staff at a hotel in Novotel.
Takes forever as only 10 rooms and I have 11 vouchers. My patience is tested as some of our newbies confuse the process and prolong the check in.From the first moment to me getting to my room a good hour. Bri and I get to our room to find a double bed. Right that’s it! Storm back down and eventually we are sorted .
By now most had been showered and were at the pool bar. By the time I get there they are ready to go .We split up and off the lads go to 19th street. We are all in small rounds and it’s murder to get everyone moving at the same time. Some change $ to local money and some don’t.Recipe for a confusing night. Our team arrive at the hotel to a fanfare we don’t even move.
We head to 19th street and some head for the Bodego but all end up together. We see a big group of lads from Thailand over on a jolly. A reporter catches up from BBC but I say ‘no politics’; that’s his interest in me gone. I agree to do a piece for Radio Leeds tomorrow. Our groups split up but as closing time arrives we are a very drunk but happy group. We order taxis and thank god; the air conditioning is banging out it’s good night Vienna for Michael. Of course, some are ordering room service. Never have enough. Match day tomorrow.