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F.A. Cup competition results from 2003/2004

A full listing of matches played in the competition throughout the season

Available competitions and seasons   
Saturday, 22nd May 2004
Manchester United (PREM)3Millwall (LD1)071,350
played at Millennium Stadium, Cardiff
Semi Final
Saturday, 3rd April 2004
Arsenal (PREM)0Manchester United (PREM)139,939
played at Villa Park
Sunday, 4th April 2004
Sunderland (LD1)0Millwall (LD1)156,112
played at Old Trafford
6th Round Replay
Tuesday, 16th March 2004
Tranmere Rovers (LD2)1Millwall (LD1)215,510
6th Round
Saturday, 6th March 2004
Manchester United (PREM)2Fulham (PREM)167,614
Portsmouth (PREM)1Arsenal (PREM)520,137
Sunday, 7th March 2004
Millwall (LD1)0Tranmere Rovers (LD2)016,404
Sunderland (LD1)1Sheffield United (LD1)037,115
5th Round Replay
Sunday, 22nd February 2004
Portsmouth (PREM)1Liverpool (PREM)019,529
Tuesday, 24th February 2004
West Ham United (LD1)0Fulham (PREM)327,934
Wednesday, 25th February 2004
Birmingham City (PREM)0Sunderland (LD1)225,645
after extra time, 90 minutes 0-0
5th Round
Saturday, 14th February 2004
Fulham (PREM)0West Ham United (LD1)014,705
Manchester United (PREM)4Manchester City (PREM)267,228
Millwall (LD1)1Burnley (LD1)010,420
Sunderland (LD1)1Birmingham City (PREM)124,966
Tranmere Rovers (LD2)2Swansea City (LD3)112,215
Sunday, 15th February 2004
Arsenal (PREM)2Chelsea (PREM)138,136
Liverpool (PREM)1Portsmouth (PREM)134,669
Sheffield United (LD1)1Colchester United (LD2)017,074
4th Round Replay
Tuesday, 3rd February 2004
Colchester United (LD2)3Coventry City (LD1)15,530
Wednesday, 4th February 2004
Fulham (PREM)2Everton (PREM)111,551
after extra time, 90 minutes 1-1
Tottenham Hotspur (PREM)3Manchester City (PREM)430,400
4th Round
Saturday, 24th January 2004
Arsenal (PREM)4Middlesbrough (PREM)137,256
Birmingham City (PREM)1Wimbledon (LD1)022,159
Burnley (LD1)3Gillingham (LD1)19,735
Coventry City (LD1)1Colchester United (LD2)115,341
Ipswich Town (LD1)1Sunderland (LD1)221,406
Liverpool (PREM)2Newcastle United (PREM)141,365
Luton Town (LD2)0Tranmere Rovers (LD2)18,767
Portsmouth (PREM)2Scunthorpe United (LD3)117,508
Scarborough (CONF)0Chelsea (PREM)15,379
Swansea City (LD3)2Preston North End (LD1)110,200
Sunday, 25th January 2004
Everton (PREM)1Fulham (PREM)127,862
Manchester City (PREM)1Tottenham Hotspur (PREM)134,000
Northampton Town (LD3)0Manchester United (PREM)37,356
Nottingham Forest (LD1)0Sheffield United (LD1)317,306
Wolverhampton Wanderers (PREM)1West Ham United (LD1)324,413
Wednesday, 11th February 2004
Telford United (CONF)0Millwall (LD1)25,589
3rd Round Replay
Tuesday, 13th January 2004
Bolton Wanderers (PREM)1Tranmere Rovers (LD2)28,759
after extra time, 90 minutes 1-1
Colchester United (LD2)2Accrington Stanley (CONF)15,611
Reading (LD1)1Preston North End (LD1)29,314
Rotherham United (LD1)1Northampton Town (LD3)29,405
Scunthorpe United (LD3)2Barnsley (LD2)06,293
Stoke City (LD1)0Wimbledon (LD1)16,463
Wolverhampton Wanderers (PREM)2Kidderminster Harriers (LD3)025,808
Wednesday, 14th January 2004
Chelsea (PREM)4Watford (LD1)038,763
Leicester City (PREM)1Manchester City (PREM)318,916
Scarborough (CONF)1Southend United (LD3)04,859
3rd Round
Saturday, 3rd January 2004
Accrington Stanley (CONF)0Colchester United (LD2)04,368
Barnsley (LD2)0Scunthorpe United (LD3)010,839
Birmingham City (PREM)4Blackburn Rovers (PREM)018,688
Bradford City (LD1)1Luton Town (LD2)28,222
Cardiff City (LD1)0Sheffield United (LD1)110,525
Coventry City (LD1)2Peterborough United (LD2)011,400
Crewe Alexandra (LD1)0Telford United (CONF)17,085
Everton (PREM)3Norwich City (LD1)129,955
Gillingham (LD1)3Charlton Athletic (PREM)210,894
Ipswich Town (LD1)3Derby County (LD1)016,159
Kidderminster Harriers (LD3)1Wolverhampton Wanderers (PREM)16,005
Manchester City (PREM)2Leicester City (PREM)230,617
Mansfield Town (LD3)0Burnley (LD1)28,290
Middlesbrough (PREM)2Notts. County (LD2)015,061
Millwall (LD1)2Walsall (LD1)16,977
Northampton Town (LD3)1Rotherham United (LD1)15,741
Nottingham Forest (LD1)1West Bromwich Albion (LD1)011,843
Portsmouth (PREM)2Blackpool (LD2)113,479
Preston North End (LD1)3Reading (LD1)39,428
Southampton (PREM)0Newcastle United (PREM)328,456
Southend United (LD3)1Scarborough (CONF)16,902
Sunderland (LD1)1Hartlepool United (LD2)040,816
Swansea City (LD3)2Macclesfield Town (LD3)18,112
Tottenham Hotspur (PREM)3Crystal Palace (LD1)032,340
Tranmere Rovers (LD2)1Bolton Wanderers (PREM)110,587
Watford (LD1)2Chelsea (PREM)221,121
Wigan Athletic (LD1)1West Ham United (LD1)211,793
Wimbledon (LD1)1Stoke City (LD1)13,609
Sunday, 4th January 2004
Aston Villa (PREM)1Manchester United (PREM)240,371
Fulham (PREM)2Cheltenham Town (LD3)110,303
Leeds United (PREM)1Arsenal (PREM)431,207
Yeovil Town (LD3)0Liverpool (PREM)25,348
2nd Round Replay
Monday, 15th December 2003
Accrington Stanley (CONF)0AFC Bournemouth (LD2)02,585
after extra time, 90 minutes 0-0, Accrington Stanley won 5-3 on penalties
Tuesday, 16th December 2003
Barnsley (LD2)2Bristol City (LD2)15,434
Cambridge United (LD3)2Macclesfield Town (LD3)22,545
after extra time, 90 minutes 2-2, Macclesfield Town won 4-2 on penalties
Mansfield Town (LD3)3Wycombe Wanderers (LD2)25,512
Wednesday, 17th December 2003
Sheffield Wednesday (LD2)0Scunthorpe United (LD3)011,722
after extra time, 90 minutes 0-0, Scunthorpe United won 3-1 on penalties
2nd Round
Friday, 5th December 2003
Wycombe Wanderers (LD2)1Mansfield Town (LD3)13,212
Saturday, 6th December 2003
AFC Bournemouth (LD2)1Accrington Stanley (CONF)17,551
AFC Hornchurch (IPL)0Tranmere Rovers (LD2)13,500
Bristol City (LD2)0Barnsley (LD2)06,741
Cheltenham Town (LD3)3Leyton Orient (LD3)13,959
Colchester United (LD2)1Aldershot Town (CONF)04,255
Gravesend & Northfleet (CONF)1Notts. County (LD2)22,998
Macclesfield Town (LD3)1Cambridge United (LD3)12,182
Northampton Town (LD3)4Weston-Super-Mare (SPL)13,948
Oldham Athletic (LD2)2Blackpool (LD2)56,143
Peterborough United (LD2)3Grimsby Town (LD2)24,836
Rochdale (LD3)0Luton Town (LD2)22,807
Scunthorpe United (LD3)2Sheffield Wednesday (LD2)27,418
Southend United (LD3)3Lincoln City (LD3)04,258
Swansea City (LD3)2Stevenage Borough (CONF)16,125
Telford United (CONF)3Brentford (LD2)02,996
Woking (CONF)0Kidderminster Harriers (LD3)33,484
Yeovil Town (LD3)5Barnet (CONF)15,973
Sunday, 7th December 2003
Burton Albion (CONF)0Hartlepool United (LD2)13,132
Port Vale (LD2)0Scarborough (CONF)14,651
1st Round Replay
Tuesday, 18th November 2003
Luton Town (LD2)3Thurrock (IPL)13,667
Stalybridge Celtic (NPL)0Barnet (CONF)21,549
Wednesday, 19th November 2003
Canvey Island (IPL)2Southend United (LD3)32,731
Redbridge (IPL)1Port Vale (LD2)21,324
after extra time, 90 minutes 1-1
1st Round
Friday, 7th November 2003
Thurrock (IPL)1Luton Town (LD2)11,551
Saturday, 8th November 2003
AFC Bournemouth (LD2)1Bristol Rovers (LD3)07,200
Barnet (CONF)2Stalybridge Celtic (NPL)21,736
Blackpool (LD2)4Boreham Wood (N/L)03,969
Brentford (LD2)7Gainsborough Trinity (NPL)13,041
Bury (LD3)1Rochdale (LD3)25,464
Cheltenham Town (LD3)3Hull City (LD3)13,624
Chester City (CONF)0Gravesend & Northfleet (CONF)12,251
Colchester United (LD2)1Oxford United (LD3)03,672
Farnborough Town (CONF)0Weston-Super-Mare (SPL)1936
Grantham Town (SPL)1Leyton Orient (LD3)22,792
Grays Athletic (IPL)1Aldershot Town (CONF)21,500
Grimsby Town (LD2)1Queens Park Rangers (LD2)04,144
Hartlepool United (LD2)4Whitby Town (NPL)05,294
Kidderminster Harriers (LD3)2Northwich Victoria (CONF)12,052
Lancaster City (NPL)1Cambridge United (LD3)21,864
Lincoln City (LD3)3Brighton & Hove Albion (LD2)14,425
Macclesfield Town (LD3)3Boston United (LD3)02,059
Mansfield Town (LD3)6Bishop's Stortford (IPL)04,679
Northampton Town (LD3)3Plymouth Argyle (LD2)24,385
Oldham Athletic (LD2)3Carlisle United (LD3)04,391
Peterborough United (LD2)2Hereford United (CONF)04,479
Port Vale (LD2)2Redbridge (IPL)24,016
Scarborough (CONF)1Doncaster Rovers (LD3)03,497
Scunthorpe United (LD3)2Shrewsbury Town (CONF)13,232
Stevenage Borough (CONF)2Stockport County (LD2)12,538
Swansea City (LD3)3Rushden & Diamonds (LD2)05,031
Telford United (CONF)3Crawley Town (SPL)21,581
Torquay United (LD3)1Burton Albion (CONF)22,790
Tranmere Rovers (LD2)3Chesterfield (LD2)25,633
Woking (CONF)3Histon (N/L)12,217
Wycombe Wanderers (LD2)4Swindon Town (LD2)14,738
Yeovil Town (LD3)4Wrexham (LD2)15,049
Sunday, 9th November 2003
Accrington Stanley (CONF)1Huddersfield Town (LD3)03,129
AFC Hornchurch (IPL)2Darlington (LD3)02,700
Bradford Park Avenue (NPL)2Bristol City (LD2)51,945
Notts. County (LD2)7Shildon (N/L)24,016
Sheffield Wednesday (LD2)4Salisbury City (N/L)011,419
Southend United (LD3)1Canvey Island (IPL)19,234
York City (LD3)1Barnsley (LD2)25,658
4th Qualifying Round Replay
Tuesday, 28th October 2003
Gainsborough Trinity (NPL)3Farsley (ND1)0845
Gravesend & Northfleet (CONF)3Exeter City (CONF)31,227
after extra time, 90 minutes 2-2, Gravesend & Northfleet won 6-5 on penalties
Margate (CONF)3Grays Athletic (IPL)3411
after extra time, 90 minutes 1-1, Grays Athletic won 3-1 on penalties
Stevenage Borough (CONF)1Eastbourne Borough (SPL)01,205
Tamworth (CONF)2Telford United (CONF)31,221
after extra time, 90 minutes 1-1
Woking (CONF)2East Thurrock United (N/L)01,781
Wednesday, 29th October 2003
Whitby Town (NPL)2Bromsgrove Rovers (N/L)1784
4th Qualifying Round
Saturday, 25th October 2003
Accrington Stanley (CONF)2Leigh Genesis (CONF)01,350
Ashton Town (NWC2)1Grantham Town (SPL)2413
Bishop's Stortford (IPL)2Gloucester City (N/L)0768
Blyth Spartans (NPL)0Chester City (CONF)11,105
Boreham Wood (N/L)1Kettering Town (IPL)0501
Bracknell Town (N/L)0Barnet (CONF)3990
Bromsgrove Rovers (N/L)2Whitby Town (NPL)2814
Burton Albion (CONF)6Buxton (N/L)01,980
Cambridge City (SPL)2Redbridge (IPL)3412
Cirencester Town (N/L)2Crawley Town (SPL)4715
Dunston Federation Brewery (N/L)0Lancaster City (NPL)1310
East Thurrock United (N/L)1Woking (CONF)11,250
Eastbourne Borough (SPL)2Stevenage Borough (CONF)21,305
Exeter City (CONF)0Gravesend & Northfleet (CONF)02,686
Farsley (ND1)1Gainsborough Trinity (NPL)1774
Forest Green Rovers (CONF)1Aldershot Town (CONF)31,137
Grays Athletic (IPL)3Margate (CONF)31,000
Harrow Borough (IPL)1Hereford United (CONF)6655
Leyton Pennant (N/L)1Histon (N/L)2288
Morecambe (CONF)2Shrewsbury Town (CONF)41,951
Ossett Albion (N/L)0Stalybridge Celtic (NPL)1621
Runcorn FC Halton (NPL)0Bradford Park Avenue (NPL)1379
Scarborough (CONF)3Hinckley United (SPL)11,206
Shildon (N/L)6Stocksbridge Park Steels (ND1)01,046
Telford United (CONF)3Tamworth (CONF)31,471
Thame United (N/L)1Farnborough Town (CONF)2909
Thurrock (IPL)2Dagenham (N/L)1957
Welling United (SPL)2Weston-Super-Mare (SPL)3678
Sunday, 26th October 2003
Northwich Victoria (CONF)1Halifax Town (CONF)01,101
Preliminary Round
Saturday, 30th August 2003
Witton Albion (ND1)4Nelson (NWC2)1240